iConnect - The Eye in Systemic Disease

17 January 2019

Venue:  Education and Conference Centre, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital

Time:     5-7pm  

On Thursday January 17th, a new monthly talk series 'iConnect' will launch, chaired by Mr Dara Kilmartin, on the theme of the Eye in Systemic Disease. 

These will be clinically case focused joint lectures between an ophthalmologist and physician with overlapping and complementary features.

The first talk will be on 17 January on ‘The Eye and Immunology: normal barriers and disease modulators’ given by Mr Dara Kilmartin and Prof Douglas Veale, Director of Translational Research, DAMC/ Consultant Rheumatologist, St Vincent’s.

A joint lecture on The Eye and Rheumatology will run in February and monthly thereafter on Diabetes, Vascular Disorders, Thyroid and Endocrine Disorders, Oncology, Genetic Disorders, MS and Neurological Disorders, Sarcoidosis and Respiratory Disorders, Dermatology, etc.

The iConnect series aim is to promote the integration of eye assessment into systemic disease management and is for both ophthalmologists and physicians in training.  

The lecture will be broadcast, starting 5pm with clinical cases and 5.30pm main speakers.

iConnect - The Eye in Systemic Disease

The Eye and Immunology: normal barriers and disease modulators

Thursday 17th January, RVEEH

5pm clinical cases

5.30pm main speakers

Refreshments will be available from 4.30pm

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