ICO Publish Guidelines for Refractive Eye Surgery

The Irish College of Ophthalmologists (ICO), the training body for eye doctors in Ireland and the medical experts on eye care, has published the following Guidelines for Refractive Eye Surgery as a reference for the public, patients and healthcare professionals.

Refractive surgery, corrects short or long sightedness and astigmatism and can remove the need to wear spectacles. The ICO has formulated the guidelines to assist people in making an informed decision.  The College has been working closely with our members and the other relevant expert bodies, including the Medical Council, Patient Associations and the Advertising Standards Authority, to ensure this document sets the appropriate standard.

A key priority for the ICO is educating the public on the importance of taking care of their eye health.  We are focused on setting the highest standards of eye care in Ireland to ensure best outcomes for patients.

The guidelines provide the public with information on what to expect during the process, from decision making to post-operative care. This document is an important step in the ICO’s continued efforts to safeguard patients and provide accurate information to the public.

Download Refractive Surgery Guidelines 

8th February 2015