For Trainees

The ICO has a number of important functions in relation to training, which include;

  • Supervision of the implementation of the curricula for all ophthalmology trainees
  • Assessment of individual trainees record of training
  • Formal recommendations to the Irish Surgical Postgraduate Training Committee to award Certificates of Completion of Surgical Training

It is the responsibility of the Dean and the members of the Manpower, Education & Training Committee to implement the curricula for trainees. An adequate infrastructure in departments is essential to the success of training.

The Dean is always available to give advice to trainees at all levels.

More Information

Basic Specialist Training (BST)
Details on Basic Specialist Training including Application, Curriculum, Examinations, Logbook and Accreditation.
Higher Surgical Training (HST)
Information on the Higher Surgical Training Programme run in conjunction with the RCSI which includes details on Registration, Curriculum, Logbook & Assessments.
Trainee Courses
Overview of all courses available to trainees through the ICO.