ICO Strategic Plan 

The Irish College of Ophthalmologists Strategic Plan sets out the Direction and Goals of the College.

ICO Mission Statement

To advance developments and improvements in eye health and patient safety by

  • Providing the highest standards of excellence in the training and on-going education of Eye Doctors and other Medical Practitioners,
  • Advocating on behalf of patients through policy guidance to Government, Health Care Providers and State Agencies,
  • Collaborating with patient support groups and others on our shared goals
  • Educating the public to help increase awareness of good health and eye care practices.

Underpinning all ICO's activity is a commitment to

  • Education and training: providing the highest standards in education, training and continuing professional development
  • Evidence based decision making: using research to underpin improvements in education, training and eye health care
  • Collaboration: working with others involved in the delivery of eye health care nationally and internationally
  • Collegiality: supporting trainees and Fellows through all stages of their career
  • Advocacy: Supporting policy decisions based on best patient outcome and the highest standards of patient safety

The College continues to build on our existing strengths to ensure impact on eye care in Ireland. The key areas of focus are as follows:


Ensure quality through:

  • Robust selection process of trainees
  • Rigorous accreditation of training posts
  • Review of ophthalmology training pathways
  • Regular curriculum review and development

Support trainees through:

  • Mentoring, training and leadership development

Expand training capabilities by:

  • Educating and training of other Medical Practitioners


Continuing Professional Development

  • Oversight of appropriate CPD standards and resources for the maintenance of professional competence

Membership Services

  • Expansion of Services to members
  • Ensure appropriate membership structure and application process

Quality & Standards

  • Set professional standards & develop Code of Ethics
  • Uphold Professional Code of Conduct
  • Develop and communicate coordinated message and branding



  • Build external relationships and influence eye health policy
  • General public education and empowerment
  • Broaden social media to facilitate information feed and transparency, promote accessibility and understanding
  • Engage with patient groups, most at at-risk groups and generate eye health awareness through on-going public information sessions


  • Nurture international relationships and partnerships with peers and continue to develop strong bonds with other organisations.


  • Ensure medical oversight of the Irish public’s eye-care needs
  • Support the development & implementation of an integrated eye-care model
  • Develop ICO policies to facilitate and strengthen capacity to affect public policy through interaction with the government, key stakeholders and the media
  • Lobby government for sight loss prevention and early intervention programmes as a health priority, increased funding and greater resources
  • Educate the public in order to aim for greater understanding of eye health care and the primary risk factors associated with the most common causes of sight loss
  • Re balance the focus on prevention and early intervention.

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