iConnect Teaching Programme - Cardiology and the Eye

19 September 2019

Venue:        Education and Conference Centre, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital

Time:          5 - 7pm 

Chair:         Prof. Dara Kilmartin, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon, RVEEH

5.05pm:     Case Presentations 


5.30pm      “Retinovascular disorders: aetiology and management for Physicians”

                    Prof. Dara Kilmartin, Consultant Vitreo Retinal Surgeon, RVEEH

6pm            “Cardiological workup of eye disorders for Ophthalmologists”

                    Dr Charles McCreery, Consultant Cardiologist, St Vincent's University Hospital              

The meeting will be video conferenced.

Please register for this meeting using the ICO members portal if you plan to attend in person at the RVEEH or at one of the clinical sites that is broadcasting the meeting, or if you please to watch the session online via the live stream.

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