Santen Educational Webinar Series - GLAUCOMAFEST

19 November 2020

SEE (Santen educational events)  is a new educational events programme for the ophthalmology community in Ireland & the UK

SEE (Santen Educational Events) Webinar 5 - GLAUCOMAFEST

Join us for the first ever GlaucomaFest chaired by leading international experts in glaucoma chaired by Prof. Miriam Kolko & Mr. Karl Mercieca. In a never-seen before format, GlaucomaFest will provide access to thought-provoking educational content focused on striving
for excellence in glaucoma management.

You will also have the  opportunity to create a tailored Glaucomafest experience choosing from a choice of  five parallel sessions .

Speakers will include;  Ike Ahmed , Anton Hommer, Francesco Oddone, David Crabb and a choice of parallel sessions with presentations from Karl Merceieca, Carl Erb , Stefano Gandolfi, Miriam Kolko and Cosme Lavin-Daphne

Download GlaucomaFest Agenda