Immune Mediated Disease Meeting

24 January 2020

Venue: The Alex Hotel, 41-47 Fenian Street, Dublin 


17:30     Arrival and Refreshments

17:55     Welcome Address and Introductions

18:00     Symptoms, Causes, and Current Treatment of Psoriatic Arthritis - Professor Oliver Fitzgerald, St Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin

18:30     Symptoms, Causes, and Current Treatments of Inflammatory Skin Diseases- Professor Brian Kirby, Consultant Dermatologist, St                 Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin

19:00     Symptoms, Causes, and Current Treatments of Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Dr Aoibhlinn O’Toole, Consultant                                                 Gastroenterologist, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

19:30     Break

20:00     Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Uveitis - Professor Conor Murphy, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear                   Hospital, Dublin

20:30     Infectious Complications of Immunosuppressive Therapy - Professor Colm Bergin, Consultant in Infectious Diseases, St                               James’s Hospital, Dublin.

21:00     General Discussion and Roundup

21:15     Meeting Close Scientific Committee - Professor Oliver Fitzgerald Consultant Rheumatologist, St Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin                             Professor Brian Kirby Consultant Dermatologist, St Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin

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