Strabismus Course, Waterford

3 February 2017 - 4 February 2017

Please find details below of the ICO Strabismus Course taking place in the RCSI Learning Centre, Waterford Regional Hospital on Friday February 3rd and Saturday February 4th.

If you wish to attend please confirm by email to

Friday Feb. 3rd
9.00                        AMacCann exam of squint patient 
9.20                        T McAleer Esodeviations
9.40                        Intermittent Exotropia Mr. A. Vivian 

10.00                     Coffee

10.20                     Diplopia & Cranial Nerve Palsies, Ms. Edel Cosgrave
10.40                     Interpretation of Hess Tests,  M. Molloy

11.00-12.30          Practical session 1

12.30--13.30         Lunch

1.30-1.50              Terminology of squint, Mr. J. Stokes
1.50-15.30            Practical session 2
15.30-15.50          Coffee
15.50-16.10          Consecutive Exotropia & Esotropia,  Mr. D. Brosnahan

16.10-16.50          Clinical Cases, Mr. A. Vivian 

Saturday Feb 4th
9.00                        AVXY pattern strabismus, Ms. Kathryn McCreery

9.20                        Ocular Motility Syndromes, Mr. A. Vivian

9.40                        Clinical cases, Ms. Edel Cosgrave

10.00                     Squint Surgery: when and how to do it Mr. Donal Brosnahan 
10.30 -12.00         Practical Session 3
12.20-12.50          Complications of Squint Surgery Ms. Kathryn McCreery

12.50                     Meeting closes