Dr Michele Coffey

MD MCOphth
Sub-Specialty Interests
  • Medical Retina
  • Paediatric Ophthalmology
Public Clinic #1
Community services, Roscommon PCCC, lanesboro Rd., Roscommon
Tel: 0906637519
Eye secretary will arrange appointment for those eligable (medical card holders)
Days: Monday-Friday-9.30-5.30
Private Rooms #1
Roscommon Eyey Clinic, Lanesboro St., Roscommon
Tel: 0906625112 | Mobile 0871475219
Fax: 0906627980
Web: http://www.roscommoneyeclinic.com
Email: contact@roscommoneyeclinic.com
Out of hours appointments can be arranged outside regular clinic hours and on Saturdays if you ring 0871475219
Days: Monday 9am-2 pm Tuesday 9am-2pm,Weds9am-6pm,Thurs 9am-2pm,fri9am-2pm

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