Traynor Fellowship 2023

Fellowship details:

This project is multi-faceted and is part of a longitudinal study exploring the role of the inner blood retina barrier (iBRB) in age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Added to this, the project has also expanded in recent years to examining the integrity of the iBRB in head trauma associated with combat and collision sports as well as other neurological disorders. The clinical research fellow will be expected to contribute to both projects and data collected will be used to submit a Trinity College Dublin associated Masters thesis.

The role combines clinical sessions with Mr. Mark Cahill, and clinical research/ lab-based investigations in Trinity College Dublin and its associated facilities with Professor Matthew Campbell and Prof Sarah Doyle. The clinical research involves direct patient contact including recruitment, performing clinical assessments, investigations and taking bloods for analysis. In the AMD project, circadian differences will be measured based on an individual’s sleep/wake cycle and testing is conducted in the morning and evening for comparison. Similar methods will be used to examine retinal vascular integrity in current and retired athletes who were/are engaged in contact/collision sports as well as patients with neurological conditions.

For further details on Fellowship Terms and Conditions and how to apply, please review this document

Applications should be submitted to the Research Foundation, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital


Closing date for receipt of applications: 20th March 2023

1st March 2023