Thursday October 14th 2021 marks World Sight Day (WSD), an annual awareness event which aims to focus international attention on vision impairment and blindness affecting billions of people of all ages around the world.
This year's theme is 'Love Your Eyes' encouraging us all to be aware of our own eye health and to have regular eye checks with an eye healthcare professional, and urging those around us to do the same.
The Irish College of Ophthalmologists is supporting the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness 'Everyone Counts' global challenge for WSD 2021, calling on individuals to make the commitment to #LoveYourEyes and pledge to have an eye examination.  

How to #LoveYourEyes - the 4 P's 

Prevent - Many eye diseases can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is all about eating healthy and adopting healthy habits.
Protect - While leading a healthy lifestyle can help you prevent several eye diseases it is equally important to protect and take care of your eyes. The risk ranges from severe sunlight, contaminated products and workplace accidents to poor ergonomic and excessive screen time factors. 
Preserve - Plan for and get a regular comprehensive eye examination. A comprehensive eye examination will ensure that your eye care practitioner obtains a detailed medical history and family history to understand your risk factors, followed by checking your vision, eye power, and eye health by instilling dilating eye drops.
Prioritise - Ensure that eye examinations are a part of your routine medical examination and educate your family, loved ones and community regarding the importance of eyes and vision
Visit the ICO 'Your Eye Health' section for more information on how to look after your eye health and patient support resources.

13 October 2021