CPD - Support Scheme for NCHDs

All doctors are obliged to enrol on a professional competence scheme and undertake CPD points.

The HSE provides funding for Non Consultant Hospital Doctors, working in the public health service, who are not on a formal training programme or who are not on the specialist register, to help them pay for attending activities that accrue CPD points.

The scheme is called the Continuing Professional Development - Support Scheme (CPD-SS)

To be eligible for the funding you must hold an NCHD contract. You must also be enrolled on a professional competence scheme.

Download ICO CPD SS Application Form 

CPD–SS is funded by the HSE to facilitate NCHDs who are not in training posts to continue to maintain and enhance their clinical knowledge and skills and also to maintain their professional competence in line with Medical Council requirements. NCHDs are required to achieve a minimum of 20 externally validated educational credits per annum.

The CPD‐SS only provides for educational/training events undertaken in any of the Irish Training Bodies. The HSE has arranged to pay the training bodies directly for NCHDs who attend courses. NCHDs must enroll with the training body they are most closely aligned to. Eligible NCHDs can undertake training & educational activities of up to 20 external credits or 3 days per annum, whichever is greatest.

More information is available on the HSE website Guidance Document on Continuous Professional Development - Support Scheme (CPD-SS) for NCHDs

To attend an ICO Course or Meeting

Doctors registered with the Irish College of Ophthalmologists PCS scheme can reserve a place on ICO organised courses and meetings through our online members portal.

Information on upcoming meetings will be emailed to all members and those registered on the CPD Support Scheme by the College in advance.  We kindly ask doctors to register for events through this online system. 

To attend a course or meeting organised by another Training Body

NCHDs can attend courses provided by Training Bodies other than the one they have registered with. In order to support the scheme and to streamline the administration of the transfer of funding, certain conditions are being put in place if an NCHD on the scheme wishes to attend a course run by another Training Body.

You must email the training body in question with the training body you are registered for CPD-SS with in copy. If you wish to cancel your attendance you must do so a minimum of 10 days before the course is due to occur.

Funding Support

There are currently three schemes in operation which provide financial supports to NCHD's and Conusltants, funded by the NDTP.

Details of the schemes can be found on the HSE website .